Cable TV

Just a few years ago the offer of television was limited to broadcasting two programs, and installation at the receiver was an antenna fixed on the balcony and connected by cable to the television.

Since then, the number of programs has increased dramatically, with satellite and cable transmission technology evolving. Thanks to the television installation, it is possible to use the Internet, conduct telephone conversations, monitor alarms, read meters (energy, gas, water), make purchases.

The development of television and telecommunication technology has forced the rapid deployment of modern antenna installations, as ever the development of electrical equipment has forced the design of the electrical system more and more. Existing Building Law regulations require the design of television installations only in multi-family buildings. Meanwhile, the lack of such a single-family home installation significantly limits the use of the latest technological advances in television technology. Here is a handful of tips for people who want to do this installation. First and foremost, it should be able to connect both terrestrial and cable television signals and satellite signals. It should be done so that any replacement of components does not require construction repairs (this may be necessary due to the development of digital and fiber technology). The internal installation should be designed so that in each selected room there is a receptacle for receiving or transmitting the signal.

digitec specialists are capable of creating virtually any scalable cable television that meets your needs.