The CCTV system helps protect property and people by using cameras that observe the designated areas and transmit the image to monitors in the monitoring station.

The ideal CCTV system should be easy and flexible to operate and provide excellent image quality, both in daylight and night mode, so that, if needed, it could facilitate event analysis in the facility and serve as evidence. CCTV solutions can be used both indoors and outdoors.

CCTV systems are designed and manufactured by digitec to match the nature of the site / building and meet the safety requirements of the Customer. CCTV systems may be designated inter alia. to help detect crime, observe activity in a certain area for security or information purposes, to continuously visualize a certain area or process, or to analyze an event.

Video surveillance systems not only counter crime and enhance the overall sense of security in the protected area but also provide tangible financial benefits and allow for significant savings. Reduce losses resulting from criminal activity and maintenance expenses (eg guard duty costs 24 hours a day) and replacement of equipment.

CCTV networks are usually built on cameras that work with video surveillance, multiplexing, image recording and visualization. The solutions proposed by digitec are based on the latest analog and digital technologies with a variety of functionalities, including:

The systems we implement allow you to:

  • monitoring in diverse areas, including very large areas
  • fast image transmission over fiber optic links
  • use of video servers (remote monitoring)
  • minimizing the number of necessary monitoring points
  • simultaneous access to the image transferred from all cameras
  • continuous archiving of data
  • immediate access to selected batches of recorded material
  • achieve high image quality with the ability to zoom in and zoom in multiple ways to expose details
  • secure access to your system and data from unauthorized users
  • programming such as alarms and motion paths of each camera

Automatic search or event recording based on a change of characteristic parameters (eg light intensity, motion, external alarm signal) The frequency of image registration depends on the traffic before each camera or if specified.