Access Control

One of the basic security principles is to control the movement of people moving within designated areas.

The ability to decide who, where and when can enter is crucial to protecting the building, the people working there and the information and property there.

Access control systems include a range of technical solutions designed to allow free movement in the premises of authorized persons and protection against the intrusion of unauthorized persons. Depending on the needs of the user, this solution can be a simple tool for controlling the movement of people as well as a fully professional management system of the entire building and its security systems.

Correct identification of the scale and type of hazards occurring in a building or protected area and determining the role that an access control system has to meet is crucial for proper selection of system components, configuration, and operation. The digitec consultants have the knowledge and experience necessary to offer our clients the optimum solution.

digitec systems are state-of-the-art and technologically advanced solutions with high reliability and functionality that go beyond the simple control of authorized entrants and exits. These systems provide the information needed for the proper functioning of the whole facility, streamline work organization and improve the security of the facility and its users, ie employees, guests, customers, service personnel, etc. digitec offers effective solutions for a variety of facilities:

intended for large facilities
  • office buildings,
  • government buildings,
  • research laboratories,
  • factories,
  • financial institutions,
  • military,
  • commercial
designed for small and medium-sized businesses
  • offices,
  • shops,
  • wholesalers,
  • small and medium-sized businesses and businesses

Main benefits of using access control systems:

  • Full control of access to a building, zone or premises,
  • Complete information about passenger traffic,
  • Possibility of special protection of selected parts of the building,
  • Protection of employees, guests, property and information,
  • Possibility of integration with work time tariffs and HR management,
  • Integration with other security systems,
  • Parking management assistance,
  • Monitoring valuable items,
  • Enhance security by using photo IDs