Intelligent Building

Intelligent Building means the integration of many teletechnical and electrical systems and installations located in a given facility.

The connection between the various systems is accomplished by means of a communication bus and a common transmission protocol ensuring full exchangeability of information between different systems or elements of the same system.

The central management system provides a universal interface for operating all installations and is the primary tool for all people directly responsible for the proper functioning of the “Intelligent Building”. In addition, the management and supervision system performs a number of other tasks such as: transmission, processing and archiving of data, graphic representation of various installations, signaling and handling of alarm situations, recording and visualization of historical and dynamic trends, optimization of various systems. The wide use of structured cabling not only for the transmission of information and voice data, but also as a signal carrier for most building installations allows one standard of cabling infrastructure to be maintained throughout the building, thus reducing costs both at the investment and operation stages. Flexibility in design and redundancy of structured cabling provide a great opportunity for systems to adapt to changing user needs and technological progress.

digitec specialists will lead the investor through all phases of the investment. From design to start, by selecting and installing equipment, and on deployment and post-deployment services. The solutions we use are fully scalable and can be used successfully in any size object.