Electrical Installations

digitec carries out comprehensive network and electrical installations in all types of facilities, providing professional installation and preparation of the formal legal page.

The digitec specialists have the right knowledge and authority to perform installations not only in industrial, office and single- and multi-family buildings, but also in special facilities. For example, where there are flammable materials (eg petrol stations, LPG) and there are potentially explosive atmospheres. Digec provides comprehensive service, ranging from formal affairs related to power plants, project execution with all arrangements, to the delivery of equipment, their assembly, commissioning, warranty and service.

The digitec employees carry out complete control and measurement work on their installations, with the help of specialized equipment, including:

  • lightning protection installation,
  • insulation resistance,
  • ground
  • effectiveness of shock protection,
  • illumination intensity.

For the needs of computer networks, digitec carries out dedicated electrical installations, separated from the rest of the electrical installation. We offer preliminary verification of the usefulness of the existing electrical system and design and implementation of a new dedicated power supply system with comprehensive overvoltage and anti-lightning protection for the needs of teleinformatic systems.

digitec performs installations of varying degrees, from simple installation to starting, through installation of so-called. Intelligent House, and on Integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) ending. The digitec specialists will provide optimum solutions for every customer, meeting his or her needs and within budget.