Building Management System (BMS)

The task of BMS automation is to integrate the installations on the site.

The building automation system integrates all systems into one unit, which enables you to efficiently and cost-effectively manage your entire property from one location. The BMS system monitors the operating parameters of individual devices, reports problems and failures. The system usually provides a graphical interface that allows you to preview the operating parameters and change the set values ​​in a clear way.

The BMS system integrates primarily building control systems that can be grouped into two subsystems:

Power supply and power control subsystem

  • electrical protection and switchgear,
  • measuring installations,
  • control and monitoring tasks,
  • power supply wiring,
  • lighting installations,
  • devices and systems of emergency power supply,
  • vertical and horizontal transport.

Comfort control subsystem

  • air conditioning control,
  • ventilation control,
  • heating control,
  • lighting control,
  • control of the sound system,
  • control of parking systems,
  • support for audio-video devices,
  • weather system.

Building Management System BMS - management system for automated control systems in a building, especially an intelligent building.