Automatyka Przemysłowa

Industrial automation is a very broad concept.

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a smooth functioning of an industrial company without applying its broadly defined automation, covering a wide range of processes and activities. digitec specialists will provide comprehensive assistance in the design, support and implementation of industrial automation solutions, including:

  • construction of dedicated installations meeting specific requirements,
  • modernization of existing lines and production lines,
  • construction of industrial automation systems,
  • maintenance and maintenance of automation,
  • control and visualization systems,
  • selection, configuration and programming of computer visualization systems (SCADA, HMI),
  • design and implementation of power supply systems and switchboards, – industrial networks and centralized and distributed systems,
  • remote monitoring of industrial processes, – design, construction, service and modernization of security systems,
  • making appropriate measurements.

Thanks to the digitec actions, the solutions applied affect:

  • increased productivity,
  •  improved quality and easier control,
  •  lower costs,
  • greater security