Fire Detection

Fires are one of the most serious threats.

According to statistics of the State Fire Service every year over 150 thousand in Poland. fires in which life loses about 500 people. Human tragedies and financial losses are huge, so reliable and effective protection is essential.

In emergency situations, the effectiveness and efficiency of fire detection and fire alarm systems is determined by life or death. Reliable fire protection is crucial, and the easiest way to ensure the highest level of security is the choice of solutions proposed by digitec specialists.

Our technologies guarantee fast detection of threats and minimization of damage. In our offer we have many types of systems and configurations that we adapt to each type of object. We can provide fire protection for large commercial, warehouse or production halls as well as office buildings, residential buildings or selected rooms.

Our systems provide unmatched security, meeting the highest requirements for reliability, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. The proposed solutions are mainly characterized by:

  • reliable work in extreme conditions
  • peripheral devices of the highest quality
  • possibility of protecting objects scattered over large areas (decentralized structure)
  • matching deployed systems to existing needs and expandability and implement new technologies at any time

wide range of available functions:

  • recognition of real and false alarms
  • provide accurate data and observation of locations of fire
  • immediate notification of the events of the relevant departments and execution
  • programmed procedures (including acoustic and optical signals,
  • fire ventilation, opening access control zones, etc.)
  • providing information on evacuation routes, availability in an endangered area
  • extinguishing agents, etc.
  • fast printout of the protocol and building plan with hazard indication
  • automatic fault detection (self test)
  • Cooperation with other building safety and comfort systems