Time & Attendance

Time Recording System (RCP) – It allows you to specify the time worked by an employee, provides information about the employee’s personal data, allowed hours of work and absences planned or unjustified.

The basis for calculating working time is the information obtained from the entry and exit readers of the person from the company. The implementation of our RCP systems – meeting the requirements of the Labor Code, provides:

  • real time registration,
  • significant increase in work discipline,
  • elimination of errors when calculating remuneration,
  • possibility to print full reports and statistics for one or a group of employees,
  • elimination of employee abuse,
  • data archiving,
  • simple service that does not require professional knowledge,
  • password protected access to data,

The solutions proposed by digitec specialists are usually an integral part of the Access Control system. Of course, it is possible, of course, to implement a fully autonomous system.