Alarm Systems

Alarm System – is designed to protect the object and the people in it from burglary and robbery.

Each facility, regardless of destination and size, can be equipped with a burglar alarm system tailored to the individual needs of the customer. digitec offers a whole range of professional equipment that can be installed either in a small warehouse, store or apartment, as well as a manufacturing plant or high-rise office building. The digitec consultants have experience in designing SSWiN so that a reasonable compromise can be reached between functionality and system pricing. Throughout the entire implementation process, from the defining phase of the threat, system design through installation and maintenance, experienced engineers and specialists digitec.

The burglar and robbery alarm system is an electrical installation that signals any unusual events occurring in the facility, such as burglary, robbery, or escaping gas. The basic elements of each alarm system are:

  • control panel
  • various detectors, eg passive infrared detector (PIR)
  • keyboards (keyboards)
  • lights
  • gel batteries
  • additional modules, such as a printer module or extensions

A well functioning alarm system should be tailored to the nature and specificity of the facility. Priority is given to detecting the threat as quickly as possible and communicating this risk to the competent services or owners / users of the facility. There are three main components of the system:



The central part of any alarm system is an alarm control panel that controls all elements of the system, processes the received signals, sends the corresponding information, eg to the alarm monitoring station. The control panel should be located in a discreet location where it will not be subjected to sabotage or destruction. The user communicates with the system via keyboards, which are usually located near the entrance to the building. Any operation performed on the keypads requires confirmation by an individual user code, which prevents unauthorized or deliberate actions of unauthorized persons. digitec offers many types of alarm panels from different manufacturers and can offer a solution for each object.


One of the most important tasks of the burglar alarm system is to detect the threat at the facility as early as possible. digitec offers a whole range of different detectors such as:

  • passive infrared (PIR) detector
  • active infrared barrier
  • magnetic detectors (reed contacts)
  • glass breaker detector
  • seismic detectors
  • microwave barriers

digitec specialists will select the appropriate type of detection for the conditions in the facility so that the system can be optimized. The best solution is to use a perimeter protection that detects an intruder before it enters the object. Signals from detectors that detect unusual phenomena are transmitted to the control panel.


Detecting a threat in an object by the detectors in it results in the immediate transmission of an alarm signal to the control panel where the signal is processed and sent further. There are two ways to warn about a threat:

  • The control panel can start the signaling devices installed in the facility, alerting the nearest environment in the event of an alarm situation. There are several types of signaling devices. Acoustic, acoustic-optical, self-powered. Additionally installed in the facility, visible signals from the distance have a preventive effect, deterrence of possible intruders.
  • The control panel can send a signal to the owner / user of the facility or the alarm monitoring station via various types of media (switches, GSM, radio).

digitec specialists, depending on the severity and conditions of the facility, will receive appropriate solutions.

Only the correct interaction of all these elements guarantees that the system will do its job.