Doorphone and Video – Door Station Systems

Doorphone and Video Door Station are the most common devices to protect your property from uncontrolled entry into its terrain.

They are usually installed at the gate or entrance gate located in the first protection zone. In more advanced systems we can control people both at the entrance gate and at the door of the building. There is also the possibility of controlling through the cameras all the way from the gate to the building occupied by the incoming person. digitec has a range of modern equipment that will meet even the most demanding customers. Digec specialists will gladly explain any doubts and offer you the best solution.



The simplest analog systems consist of an external cassette located at the entrance gate, a doorphone with doorphone in the building, and a push button for electric lock in the gate. In these systems, the o uter cassette housing has the same number of tabs that describe each of them, how many users are there. On digital systems, the external cassette has a numeric keypad with a display showing the selected number. Communication between the cassette and the housing provides an electronic circuit. In analog systems, the number of wires increases in proportion to the number of users. In digital systems, however, it is fixed. The main advantage of analog systems is simplicity of design, ease of assembly and low price. This is why they are popular. However, digital devices have an advantage over the analogue that they have the ability to use many additional functions of the doorphone. And the code lock allows you to open the door or entrance door without using a key, only with the code selected on the keypad. In the intercom available on the market, there is a possibility for the user to change the digital code combination by himself. Every time it is used by a person entering the property is signaled in the interior of the house. Door intercoms with touch-sensitive keyboard are also available, resistant to mechanical damage. It is worth thinking about them in places particularly vulnerable to acts of vandalism. In order to ensure the continuity of the doorphone operation even during a power failure, the unit is equipped with an emergency power supply. The possibilities are not over. The device may remind you of an accidental leaving of an open entrance door, and an intercom with a loud speaker system allows you to communicate with the panel without the use of a handset. Also, when you press the appropriate button, we can turn on the pavement lighting to the house.In turn, the intercom function allows communication between rooms, such as the kitchen and garage. It is enough that the user of the doorphone from his room will play the code corresponding to the number of the room of the potential interlocutor, and will connect voice with the person staying in this room. This is a particularly recommended solution for a two- or three-storey detached house. Voice signaling is a special facility for blind and visually impaired people. The doorphone signals voice, which buttons we touch.

video entry

Videodomatic systems allow you to receive, in addition to voice, an image. As with the entry phone, there is a cassette with a key or a numeric keypad at the entrance to the property, where the visitor signals the arrival. Raising the headset of the handset activates a device that allows the user to talk and watch the guest. In the case of a more extensive installation, the camera system allows you to follow step by step the way the person entering. We always have the opportunity not to open another door and notify the security or police about the passage by strangers.

Videodomatic systems are divided into systems:

with coaxial cable -In addition to the standard functions, the coaxial systems should be provided with additional intercoms, additional cameras, additional video panel inputs, the ability to record guests’ photos in the absence of the host (memory module), view video on the TV (via video input). Intercom allows you to call up an additional monitor or handset. With this feature, we can also communicate with people inside the building.

without coaxial cable – The standard features of a video-speaker system without coaxial cable include: call, audio and video transmission, electro-opener opening, video preview. They can be extended by at most additional cameras and input panels. The advantage of this system is the ability to replace the existing doorphone system to a videophones without having to change the wiring.

Cameras used in videophones can “see” at night too, thanks to the infrared illumination. Equipped with a wide angle lens camera widens the field of view. Video cameras use monochrome monochrome (monochrome) and color monitors (monitors) with liquid crystal monitors. The disadvantage of color cameras is the low image quality caused by the low resolution and the need to illuminate the field of view of the camera. Videophones can be equipped with a memory module that allows you to record video and audio from your camcorder and microphone during your absence. When buying a camcorder we should pay attention to the minimum temperature during which the camera works properly. Otherwise in the winter we may be surprised by the non-functioning of the videophone.