Building Automation

Building Automation Systems together with a complete electrical installation are indispensable elements of every building.

Individual systems can work autonomously or be part of a larger system that integrates the others. Very often the concept of so-called. smart building. Intelligent buildings operate integrated computer networks, communications networks, fire and alarm systems, heating and air conditioning control and many other systems.

digitec deals with the sale, design, assembly, and integration and maintenance of building automation systems and electrical systems. We use state-of-the-art equipment and reputable companies. The devices we use have certificates and approvals that allow them to be used throughout Poland in all categories. Our offer is addressed to all customer groups: individual investors, small, medium and large companies. The solutions we propose are used in buildings of a very diverse size, from flats, through small buildings, to powerful office buildings and halls. digitec may act as General Contractor or General Contractor of Building Automation Systems and Electrical Installations.