Server Room

In order to ensure proper installation of the IT system, and then to ensure its smooth operation, many conditions have to be fulfilled, both for the premises and the installed physical infrastructure.

The appropriate infrastructure is designed to maintain optimal power conditions and environmental parameters (humidity, temperature) at all points of the ICT system. In order to meet these requirements are created so-called server rooms.

The server room is air-conditioned, protected against unauthorized access to the room or the whole building, including equipment. Servers, network devices and UPSs are arranged in a structured manner in ICT cabinets and racks.

The server room is primarily a building – its design and execution taking into account all factors determining the quality of rooms for storing equipment, and the infrastructure – electronics that largely determines the reliability of the security. The construction of a secure building should provide for the ergonomic placement of racks and racks, separating the server room from the operators’ premises, and the floors must allow cables to run in the ducts.

Security from unauthorized users is the system of access control and protection of the object – electronic cards, alarm systems, security guards, industrial television.

Protecting against environmental factors (catastrophes) is, in the case of Poland, primarily fire protection – fire resistant doors and fire detection and firefighting systems. The power supply – UPS, power generators and transformer station are also provided for safety. It is also very fast and reliable (preferably redundant) communication with the outside world. Proper air conditioning (temperature at 20 ° C +/- 1 ° C and humidity 45-50%) reduce the risk of breakdown and prolong the life of the equipment.

Our offer icludes:

  • Server room design in accordance with safety standards, safety and fire prevention regulations
  • comprehensive construction works, both construction and finishing of the facility
  • construction of electrostatic PVC technical floor, ramps and stairs for service rooms
  • execute appropriately tight, silent glass and steel walls separating the technical zones and door with self-closing mechanism
  • design and installation of main and dedicated electrical installation
  • design and implementation of air conditioning and ventilation system
  • design and installation of fire and fire fighting systems
  • delivery and connection of burglary and access control systems
  • installation of structured LAN cabling and guaranteed power supply, UPS systems and power generators
  • delivery and installation of ICT cabinets 19 “
  • supply and installation of servers, storage devices (tape works, SAN devices, RAID arrays), network equipment
  • full implementation and implementation support by digitec specialists

digitec will build a server room for each customer, starting with a small room with several servers, and on a dedicated building with specialized infrastructure finishing. Thanks to the fact that we are a partner of a large and experienced construction company, our offer is comprehensive. We can lead the construction of a new facility from the ground up or adapt the existing premises. digitec may act as General Contractor in the investment process.