Mechanical Ventilation

In mechanical ventilation the air exchange is independent of any atmospheric influences.

Forced air flow is achieved by the use of mechanical devices such as fan, ventilation unit, etc. Classification of mechanical ventilation systems can be made due to many criteria.

The most common division criteria are:

  • operating time – continuous ventilation, periodic ventilation,
  • the way of organizing the air exchange – general ventilation, local ventilation,  direction of air transport relative to the room – supply ventilation, exhaust ventilation, supply and exhaust ventilation,
  • air pressure difference from surrounding spaces – overpressure ventilation, vacuum ventilation,
  • the range of air treatment – eg ventilation with cooling, ventilation with dampening, etc.
  • transport speed in supply air ducts – Low, medium and high air flow rates in ducts,
  • number of mains cables – wireless installations, single-wire, two-wire.

The advantage of mechanical ventilation is the ability to adjust its performance to the actual needs of the user, so that you can create comfortable conditions in the premises. Adjustment of the mechanical ventilation system can take place automatically.

We offer comprehensive construction of mechanical ventilation, including project preparation, supply and assembly of elements and commissioning of systems for residential, public and industrial facilities such as:

  • Offices
  • commercial and service premises
  • sports facilities
  • educational facilities
  • warehouse halls
  • production facilities
  • multi-family buildings

Our company, working directly with many leading manufacturers in the ventilation and air-conditioning industry, helps to choose the optimal equipment, according to the project’s design and customer expectations parameters, while reducing costs. We use the best solutions for durable and reliable installations.

VENTILATION (lat. Ventilatio = ventilation) is the exchange of air in rooms, consisting in removing contaminated air and bringing fresh air.