Air conditioning – the process of air exchange in the room, to maintain the desired climatic conditions,  the appropriate range of temperatures and humidity, providing convenient conditions for work and human functioning (comfort conditions) or optimum conditions for a specific process .

Human thermodynamics are mainly related to the thermal balance of the whole body. This equilibrium is influenced by: the human activity, the clothing it is wearing, as well as the environmental parameters: air temperature, average radiation temperature, air velocity and relative humidit.

Optimal conditions for people performing light work (eg office work) occur while meeting the following indoor air parameters:

  • temperature: summer 23 – 26 ° C; winter 20 – 24 ° C
  • relative humidity: 40 – 60% (max 35 – 65%)
  • velocity of air in the human habitation zone: 0.2 – 0.5 m / s

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Thermal comfort - a set of microclimate features that makes a person feel good.