Information Systems Security

IT security systems should be an integral part of any computer system.

Some of the solutions should be used as standard items, but more advanced and therefore expensive should be installed after a careful security audit. digitec offers a range of IT security solutions. These include:


The term “fire wall” is a term taken from a car’s design. In cars, firewalls physically separate the engine from passengers. This means that they will protect the passengers if the engine ignites. In computer terminology, a firewall is a secure and trusted device that is located between different network segments (such as a local area network and the Internet) or protected network nodes (eg servers, access points). The firewall is configured with rules that determine which network traffic is to be served, and what is blocked, thus allowing traffic to be filtered.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

With built-in probes, the system verifies potential threats on the network and then blocks them. With real-time blocking and in-line traffic analysis, you can also actively protect against new-generation intruders such as malicious code, phishing, pharming, etc. In addition, IDS simplifies security administration by aggregating, correlating and analyzing logged events. and the presentation of information about detected real-time security breaches.

cryptographic system

It protects information and confidentiality by encrypting it by the sender and decrypting it by the recipient. The concept of messages here is very broad, it can encrypt individual files, whole file systems, network connections, data streams, etc. Both symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms are used. Information is encrypted with a symmetric algorithm that is faster, but the key used for encryption is encrypted using an asymmetric algorithm and appended to the information. As such, the message can be sent through unprotected communication channels. An important concept here is PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) – Public Key Infrastructure, which allows you to securely store private keys and manage public keys. The central element of a public-key structure is the digital identity-certificate. It plays the role of ID card or passport in the world of electronic communications. Includes information about the holder and issuer of the certificate; This is used to assign a pair of keys to a person or device.

secure transmission system

It enables secure communication between remote IT components, typically used to create Virtual Private Network (VPN) VPNs. Thanks to this, it is possible to organize distant nodes of the system into one logical whole. Encrypted VPNs are used to connect multi-branch businesses and enable them to share IT resources.

identity management system

Over 80% of security breaches are due to the fault of the company’s employees. This is why authentication and authentication management systems are becoming essential. Workstation security or authentication systems for selected applications, documents, information resources prevents theft and / or loss of data. Security is used, among others. Contactless card / proximity card systems that grant privileges to individual users, card management systems, tokens, and public key infrastructure (PKI).

antivirus and antispyware system

Computer viruses represent a very serious threat to the security of information stored in an information system. Increasingly, viruses are specialized programs tailored to criminal groups. Antivirus software should be installed on every workstation. Each antivirus program should be regularly updated with new virus signatures. In large environments, antivirus software should work in the client-server architecture and be centrally managed. The addition of protection is the introduction of a system control designed to prevent the installation and startup of unauthorized software.

anti-spam system

Spam is an unwanted email. 100% effective anti-spam system, currently does not exist, it is very difficult to create criteria that will allow spam retrieval from regular mail. However, there are systems that allow you to filter out the most burdensome messages. The anti-spam system is usually one of the anti-virus components and is installed on an email server. digitec specialists are able to effectively secure any information system. At customer’s request, digitec can monitor the implemented solutions on a regular basis and react accordingly.

digitec specialists are able to effectively secure any information system. At customer’s request, digitec can monitor the implemented solutions on a regular basis and react accordingly.