IT Outsourcing

Maintaining IT infrastructure and ensuring its smooth operation is becoming more and more expensive and increasingly complex.

Maintaining IT infrastructure and ensuring its smooth operation is becoming more and more expensive and increasingly complex. In response to rapidly changing environmental conditions, customer requirements, and competition, businesses are increasingly focusing on their core business, entrusting them with other external tasks. This allows the company to abandon many of the time-consuming features and focus on what it does best on its key competencies. By transferring some of its functions to digitec, the company gets the data for a service at a lower cost, but with a better quality guarantee. digitec provides its services in the following outsourcing areas for IT systems:


Desktop Outsourcing
  • managing your work environment
  • ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the computer infrastructure at the workstation of the user
  • dispersion of the organization is no longer important to her in IT maintenance
  • standardization of user profiles (hardware and software)
  • IT management and software licenses
Application Outsourcing
  • Developing, support and maintenance of the application
  • managing and maintain both low and high applications level (software packages / skaimized systems)
  • constant and professional supervision of key applications, current
  • keep the application in the hands of professionals
  • application development in line with the changing needs of the organization
Network Outsourcing
  • Authentication and secure data transmission between different geographically dispersed resources (terminals, peripherals, servers, etc.)
  • Constantly monitoring network resources and preventing any possible failures
  • Ensure a high level of data security
  • Administration of network devices
  • Server configuration and administration
  • Remote monitoring and server management
Disaster Recovery Center
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Providing the environment to conduct business by the customer in a situation of natural disaster, catastrophe or major system failure (including building, procedures and data processing services);
  • Ensuring continuity of work for basic business processes, regardless of circumstances,
  • Provide a work environment for users and access to key data.
Data Center
  • building sharing, hardware platform, processing services, archiving and data storage or operation of IT systems at the Customer’s premises
  • taking responsibility for data security necessary to conduct the Client’s business activities
  • efficient and continuous processing of data processing
  • hosting – providing customers with disk space on digitec servers.The customer ordering this service has the ability to create email accounts as well as placing one or more websites on it. We offer different types of virtual servers, depending on disk capacity and other parameters.
  • hotelling (colocation) – involves placing the customer’s equipment in a specially prepared digitec server room. The room is air-conditioned, protected around the clock and equipped with internet connection, data communication cabinets, emergency power supply and security systems.

Outsourcing led by digitec, makes the IT department of the cost-generating cell transformed into a tool that contributes to the company’s competitive advantage. Based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) model, the contract becomes an instrument that regulates a long-term relationship that secures the interests of the client and the outsourcer.

The digitec outsourcing offer covers all the IT areas described above. They can be taken over in management, either selectively or in any combination. In each case we are ready to take over both your resources (PCs, servers etc) as well as employees.

All outsourcing agreements are SLA based. This allows you to specify the range of services, their quality parameters, measurement and reporting methods in detail.