Wireless Networks

Modern businesses now understand that the flexibility that comes with wireless data access and seamless access to the Internet, business applications, or email has become a necessity.

Wireless WLANs offer data transmission comparable to traditional networks. This is conducive to the enormous popularity of this type of installation. Wi-Fi networks are commonly deployed not only in the case of dynamically developing companies, but also in high traffic areas such as cafes, hotels, airports, shopping centers.

Here are some reasons why you might want to opt for wireless technology:

full mobility

wireless networks provide their users with up-to-date information regardless of their location. Full mobility significantly enhances comfort and productivity. There are also opportunities to provide services that were previously unavailable for cable networks.

network scalability

The importance of WLAN is the simplicity of adapting their topology to the requirements of existing IT systems. At any stage of the operation of the Wi-Fi network, it is possible to modify it. Wireless networks also feature broad expansion capabilities – both in terms of extending their coverage area and increasing the number of users.

ease of use

Wireless networking does not require additional knowledge from the user. WLANs are particularly attractive for mobile users thanks to their simplicity of use. They bring new quality in terms of mobility and comfort of data access

digitec offers a number of solutions for building high-performance and secure wireless networks. We are able to build networks spanning several hundred meters or connecting locations several hundred kilometers distant. Our solutions are fully scalable and therefore available to everyone. Digec specialists place special emphasis on the safety of wireless networks. The particular type of medium that is radio waves may be the place of potential leakage of information. Therefore, information provided by radio must be located in a suitably protected system segment. In addition, strict wireless access control is required.