Providing Network Services

Reliability, excellent performance, top quality, and attractive price policy are features of the network services provided by digitec.

The digitec services are provided on the basis of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) model and allow you to secure your interests. Network services can be provided individually or as part of a package of Outsourcing services. As part of our offer, we offer:

hosting – consists in providing customers with disk space and resources for digitec servers and linking them to specific network services, including:

web server

A customer ordering this service has the ability to create and place one or more web pages on it. We offer different types of virtual servers, depending on disk capacity and other parameters. Services can work on the basis of Content Management System (CMS), allowing our customers to easily and independently modify the site.

email server

The customer ordering this service has the ability to create e-mail accounts and use e-mail mechanisms.

storage server

The Service is to store and share the data collected by the Customer

database server

The service consists of providing the database space for the Customer. digitec offers a variety of database engines with parameters tailored to your requirements

On-demand services

The service consists in utilizing the resources of the digitec servers, for launching client applications, eg CRM, e-Learning, etc.

other services

At the request of the Customer, the digitec specialists will prepare any network service, not even in the current offer.

hotelling (colocation) – consists in placing the customer’s equipment in a specially prepared digitec server room. The room is air-conditioned, protected around the clock and equipped with internet connection, data communication cabinets, emergency power supply and security systems.